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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Why should you be looking at data when planning your content strategy

We all know that content is king. But to create contents that bring value to your audience, you need to know what's important to them and the problems they are solving. By analysing available data, you can gain more insights into your audience to help you with your content strategy.

In this blog, I'll show some use cases to use various metrics to create more user-centric and data-driven contents.

Below are some examples of reports you can use to know your audience interests:

Get insights on topics that are popular to your audience.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS: Behaviour > Site Content - this report ranks the pages with the most views within a set date range. By knowing your most popular topics, you can create related content or a follow-up on that topic to make it more relevant. Within the same report, you can rank the 'Avg Time on Page' to see which pages are the most engaging.

SOCIAL MEDIA INSIGHTS. Using the insights or reporting tools within social and social ads platforms, you can see which posts are most popular based on impression and engagement. You can expand on these popular posts and create long-form contents like blogs, white paper and video.

Know the problems your audience is trying to solve.

KEYWORD RESEARCH. If the above metrics show what's interesting for your users, keyword research will give you more insights into what problems are they trying to solve.

There are dozens of tools available you can use for keyword research. Some of the tools I use is Google Search Console and Moz. Sometimes, nothing beats manual keyword research like looking into what keywords your competition is ranking for or looking at the most popular contents on platforms like youtube.

Test before creating high value and evergreen contents.

AB Testing. I'm a big advocate of running split before I create and launch high value and evergreen contents such as website and landing pages, videos and whitepapers. This type of contents takes a lot of time and resources but will stay relevant for a long time and has high business value. By testing various variables such as titles, headlines, layout, etc., you can test which one works best. You make sure you only invest in evergreen contents that will engage and converts customers.

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